Why Do We Eat Popcorn at the Movies?

Old cinema

Join us as we resolve the secret of why we eat popcorn in the cinema.

Back in the 1840s popped corn first appeared at fairs and carnivals, but its popularity increased with the design of the first transportable popcorn maker in 1885.

One more reason to love this beautiful snack was that while the popcorn boom increased the so-called nickelodeon also did it. Everything was excellent because, at that time, the theatres did not have fast food stalls or snack bars, so sellers could quietly sell their popcorn outside of the cinema. It was something that everyone loved.

Portable Steam old popcorn machine

However, the owners of the theatres were not so happy as the smell of popcorn got impregnated all over the place. Besides according to them, it interrupted the cinematographic experience with its excessive crackle, and not only that, but the clients left the theatre to go out to buy more, and that was annoying.

Sometime later, between 1929 and 1933, with the onset of the great depression, the theatre profits began to decrease. But not everything was lost, since going to the cinema at that time was the only way to forget everything terrible and distract oneself for a moment.

In addition to being affordable to almost everyone, so the owners of these places in their desperate search for new ways to earn money accepted the integration of popcorn machines and fast food stalls inside cinemas.

A bag of popcorn was one of the few treats that people could afford at that time. They were prepared very quickly so people could consume popcorn during the cinema session easily.

Portable Steam old popcorn machine

After the Second World War their sale grew so much that one night at the cinema was one of the most affordable forms of fun that a family could enjoy.

Some owners even lowered ticket prices when they installed their popcorn machines and still enjoyed substantial profits. Owners paid between 10 dollars for about 50 kilograms of corn grains that were used to sell at least 1000 bags of popcorn, and the rest is history. Today you can save a lot of money by buying a popcorn maker, do you want to know how much you can save?

Obviously, with time, it became customary and something usual to eat popcorn while watching a movie until today.